Jeff Babbe, National Director of Training | Visioneering Technologies, Inc.

"I worked with Edyta while Training Manager at CIBA/Alcon during large national sales meetings. She was handling production and presentation events. Edy did a great job, was fun to work with and helped make our presentations very successful. I would recommend Edy to anyone with any type of creative or presentation needs for your company, of any size or need."

Dane Miller, Senior Presentation Designer | Raising Cane's

"I've had the good fortune to work with Edy both as an independent contractor, and as a colleague side-by-side within a large corporate environment. I've gotten to see first-hand how Edy brings not just her superior design skills to bear on client challenges, but also how she smoothly guides and steers even complex design projects to successful completion. I have yet to see an instance where Edy fell into a "follower" role of any kind. Instead, she challenges those she is designing for to consider fresher concepts along with different ways to employ in the existing platforms. As a fellow designer I can say working with Edy has always pushed me to press harder for more unique design treatments. Edy is one of those rare folks who can smoothly harness right brain creative and left brain analytical capabilities. Equally rare is Edy's enthusiasm for applying solid design to solutions to be deployed on-screen; an arena of creative that many designers avoid because of the complexities of working with demanding clientele and tight development timelines. Edy's emphasis on always "getting it right" has helped her to redefine what a true presentologist should be."

George Villa, Instructional Designer/Multimedia Artist | PepsiCo/Frito-Lay

"Worked with Edy at Frito-Lay/PepsiCo for a good while being mentored and gaining knowledge in the training environment. Partnered well with Edy to work on multiple projects that had to be turned around in very limited time. She mentored me as well as worked with me to better develop my skills in the company. Under her direction, we were able to make huge projects come to life with exceptional organization and delivery. It will always be a pleasure working with her and challenging me in future projects."

Eric Cordero, Adelante President | PepsiCo/Frito-Lay

 "Edy did a phenomenal job with her Hispanic Heritage Month contributions for the kick-off events and throughout the month. Not only was she part of the team that drove creation of the month's theme logo "Many Faces, One Culture" that was also utilized by other divisions, she also created graphics, email newsletters, and significantly improved presentation decks and displays. These were viewed by Al Carey (CEO PepsiCo NA), Vivek Sankaran (CEO, Frito-Lay NA) and other senior PepsiCo and external leaders. All individuals were very much impressed with displays and logos that enhanced the experience of all attendees to kick-off the events. Thank you Edy for your time investment and contributions!" 

Tom Cybulski, Creative Director | Hilltop Holdings

"Edy is a very good designer. Her work is always high quality and on time. She met and exceeded expectations on all her projects."